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Project: Longfellow Elementary

Project Details

  • Client: Howard County Public Schools
  • Project Size & Type: Elementary School Modernization & Expansion
  • Address: 10910 Clarksville Pike
    Ellicott City, MD 21042
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Project Description

Size & Type of Project - Elementary School Modernization & Expansion

Longfellow Elementary School was originally constructed in 1969 with additions and renovations in 1993 and 2007. The school is one story, consists of approximately 56,458 SF and is framed with masonry and steel. In part due to past additions, the school has three different floor elevations.

The current program involves renovations and additions to improve the overall condition of the school and to meet applicable codes including IBC, NFPA Life Safety Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additional goals include increasing and providing more natural lighting, better air circulation and increasing security by building a secured vestibule. Of primary importance was the conversion of open space teaching pods into classrooms.

From a structural perspective, the work involved raising some floor elevations to create one constant elevation, raising low roofs to provide more headroom, adding skylights in existing classrooms where none are present, adding new RTUs and reinforcing existing roof framing as appropriate, and construction of three new additions totaling 13,728 SF. One of these additions was for the new secured vestibule.

MCE Scope of Services

Meyer Consulting Engineers Corporation functioned as the Structural Engineer of Record for all phases of the project. In the schematic phase, our work began with a structural existing condition inspection where we compared existing framing to that shown on original framing documents and also noted the condition of the framing and if it was in need of repair.

Key MCE personnel included Lawrence S. Nagielski, P.E. (Principal-in-Charge/Quality Assurance), Sanjoy Bose, P.E (Senior Project Structural Engineer) and Terrance Cox (Staff Engineer). Design began in November 2012 and was completed in August 2013. Construction began in February 2014 with completion in August 2015. The school remained open throughout phased construction. The construction budget was $14.4 Million. The school was kept throughout construction.

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