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Project: Cafaritz King Street Arts Center

Project Details

  • Client: Montgomery College
  • Project Size & Type: Conversion of Industrial Complex to Educational Use
  • Address: 7600 Takoma Avenue
    Takoma Park, MD 20912
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Project Description

Size & Type of Project - Conversion of Industrial Complex to Educational Use

The project consisted of the conversion of the existing Giant Bakery Complex to a state-of the art Cultural Arts Center for Montgomery College. The existing bakery had three levels - basement, first floor & second floor and consists of approximately 174,740 square feet. There were a variety of structural framing materials including structural steel and joists. However, the majority of the framing was mildly reinforced cast-in-place concrete columns supporting mildly reinforced two-way flat plate and one-way concrete joist framed elevated decks.

Most of the existing basement was converted to a parking garage. The northern elevation of the building was partially demolished to accommodate the new curved driveway. In the interior, a partial steel framed mezzanine was added at the second floor. The second floor was removed to create double height spaces in the following areas: Grand Hall, Art Gallery and a portion of Community Artists. In the Lecture Hall area, a new stepped floor was constructed. This new slab rises to the second floor level.


2009 Outstanding Project Award/Structural Engineers Association of Metro Washington.

MCE Scope of Services

Meyer Consulting Engineers functioned as the Structural Engineer of Record for the project. Our work began in fall 2004 with feasibility study and an existing condition inspection of accessible framing elements, including in-place X-ray and other testing of construction materials. Construction documents were released for bidding in the fall of 2005 with completion in September 2007.

Key MCE personnel include Michael A. Moran, III, P.E. (Principal-in-Charge/Quality Assurance), Lawrence S. Nagielski, P.E. (Principal-in-Charge/Production), Sanjoy Bose, P.E. (Senior Project Structural Engineer/Project Manager), Charles Fountain (Director of Inspections) & Shannon Doherty (Chief CAD Draftsman). The construction budget was $28 Million and the budget was met.

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