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Project: G.E. Peters Adventist School Tornado Damage

Project Details

  • Client: G.E. Peters Adventist School
  • Project Size & Type: Tornado Damage Assessment & Repair Documents
  • Address: 6303 Riggs Road
    Hyattsville, MD 20783
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Project Description

Size & Type of Project - Tornado Damage Assessment & Repair Documents

G. E. Peters Elementary School was originally constructed in 1992. The school houses pre-K though 8th grade. The school building is one story and consists of approximately 37,430 gross framed square feet. Primary framing materials consist of spread foundations supporting masonry bearing walls that in turn support a wood truss roof.

In April of 2008, a portion of the school’s roof was torn off when a tornado touched down near the school’s campus. In addition to the roof damage, masonry bearing walls were compromised and some foundations undermined. The destruction was so severe that the school needed to be transferred to a temporary campus.

MCE Scope of Services

Meyer Consulting Engineers was first retained on an emergency basis to determine the extent of the structural damage including what framing components could be salvaged and/or repaired and which framing components needed to be completely replaced. After this task was accomplished, the work proceeded to the construction documents phase wherein repair plans and specifications were developed. During the construction phase, our work was expanded to include construction materials testing and inspection services in accordance with Prince George’s County Third Party Inspection Program.

Existing condition work began in April 2008. Construction Documents were issued in June 2008. Construction began in February 2009 and was completed on time in August 2009 at a cost of $1.2 Million. Key MCE personnel included Michael A. Moran, III, P.E. (Principal Quality Assurance Engineer), Lawrence S. Nagielski, P.E. (Principal Structural Engineer/Production), Sanjoy Bose, P.E. (Senior Project Structural Engineer) and Charles Fountain (Inspections Project Manager).

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